Webmaster Services Plans

We offer webmaster and search engine optimization (SEO) services for small to medium size websites. Call today and we'll find the solution perfect for you at the most competitive prices in San Diego.


 *Webmaster services plans are offered on a six month retainer basis. Please see our FAQs for further information.


  Webmaster #1: $399.00/mo

All website Meta Tags (images and content)
    •    Creation of Website sitemap
    •    Site Submit to Google™
    •    Google Analytics Account /GA Property ID
    •    Site Analysis (Basic Google Analytics).
    •    Pix and Text: Limited Changes   
    •    Customized service and much more.

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  Webmaster #2: $499.00/mo

    •    Link analysis
    •    Site Analysis (Full Google™ Analytics)
    •    Geo Targeted Google Local account
    •    Monthly Report for Web Rank Analysis
    •    Optimized Merchant Accounts.
    •    Content and Keyword Update.

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 Webmaster #3: $599.00/mo

    •    Social Media Support
    •    Search Engine Marketing Support.
    •    One free advertisement design.
    •    Post to Facebook, and Twitter.
    •    Monthly Detailed reports and More!
    •    SEO Local targeting

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 Micro-Site: $199.00/mo

•    Pages Meta Tags (images and content)
    •    Creation of Website sitemap
    •    Site Submit to Google™
    •    Google Analytics Account /GA Property ID
    •    Site Analysis (Basic Google Analytics).
    •    Pix and Text: Limited Changes and pix optimization

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 Stand-by: $120.00/mo

    •    Monthly Database Back-up
    •    Monthly Website Back-up
    •    Monthly Plugins update
    •    Free Template Uodate when available
    •    Covers up to two hours of support.

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 Hourly: $75.00/mo

    •    Link Exchange Consulting
    •    Social Media Optimization
    •    Search Engine Marketing Consulting.
    •    Posts and advertisements.
    •    SEO Local targeting

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Why Hire Us?


When you hire San Diego Webmaster Services your typical turn-around and project delivery will be much faster than you have probably experienced, and you, and/or your clientele will be much happier with the results you will be able to provide them. We offer consistent:

On-Time Project Delivery
Do you need your website done by a certain date and time? no problem!
Fast Response
We never keep you waiting! Our response time is always in less than an hour, including weekends.
Monthly Support Services
Call us and let us  know your website needs, we are ready to help you!

Our Clients Say


If you are launching your virtual business on your own, you will be happy to know that we guarantee that we’ll save you time and money with our comprehensive website support and online marketing services.

—John Haguertty, CEO, misionloreto.com
“Beatriz, we want you to know that we are very happy with your support services, and for putting oir website on the first page of the search engines. Thank you for all your help.”
 —Robert Lepido, CEO, Tint Your Home tintyourhomesandiego.com
"I am very satisfied with my website. You are extremely prompt and have incredible customer service ! Thank you!!”

Webmaster Services

San Diego Webmaster Services in a nutshell:


We offer webmaster and search engine optimization (SEO) services for small to medium size websites, including Content Management System (CMS) support for websites built with WordPresss, Joomla, and VirtueMart™ Shopping cart, for
full Blog and e-Commerce integration, at the most competitive
development costs in San Diego. Ask for for our Website Design and Development packages.

  • We offer Website Design and Development services.
  • We mainly develop your website using WordPresss, Joomla, and VirtueMart
  • We provide SEO that really supports the promotion of your goods and services
  • We offer webmaster services that keep everything in check.
  • Hosting to Hosting Migration
  • Platform to Platform website migration
  • Pointing old domains to your new domain
  • Content editing
  • Photo optimization, editing, or resizing

Do you have any questions about this service? please feel free to contact us! We understand that every case is different.

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  • Exactly what kind of work is covered under San Diego Webmaster Services support and maintenance?

    In general, anything that you need to have done to keep your website up and running with updated, fresh content will be covered by San Diego Webmaster Services. That includes updating your content, troubleshooting issues, performing backups or upgrades, etc. Some specific examples are listed in questions below. Each client has very different needs so there is no one comprehensive list of what is or is not covered; just let us know what types of things you’d like done and we’ll let you know if it’s covered under a San Diego Webmaster Services plan.

  • How quickly will the work be done? Is it guaranteed?

    San Diego Webmaster Services monthly and client requests are given priority response. All requests are responded to within 24 hours. If your request is complete (i.e., no clarification is needed and all content provided) your request will be completed within 48 hours (and usually is complete within the same business day). However, because some requests do require further clarification or may require more time to process, some requests will take longer than 48 hours to complete. We will let you know, however, upon your request if more information is needed or more time should be expected.

  • I don’t know how many hours per month it will take to keep my site updated - how can I determine which monthly plan to choose?

    We can talk with you to get a feel for how many updates you may need and how much time it will take. If you still aren’t sure, you can sign up for our Webmaster One plan for eight hours a month — you can always upgrade to a higher plan if you find you’re regularly exceeding your monthly limit.

  • I have more than one website. Do I need to sign up for a separate San Diego Webmaster Services plan for each of my sites?

    No! You can have any number of sites that you own covered under one virtual Webmaster Monthly Services plan. When you sign up for our services, we will ask you to submit the details we need for each site that will be covered under your plan. There is no set-up charge for the first five websites covered under your plan at the time you sign up (each additional website will incur a one-time $50 set-up fee per site). You may also add additional sites later to an existing plan, but a $50 set-up fee will be charged regardless of how many sites are on your account.

  • I need help updating my site, but only occasionally. I don’t think I need a monthly plan. Can you still help me?

    Absolutely. Our Webmaster plans may be exactly what you need. You choose the number of hours you want to pre-purchase at the discounted rate, then use them at any time within a calendar year. If you’re still not sure, On Demand support is always an option.

  • I want to sign up for a maintenance plan primarily to have you perform backups and Joomla core and extension updates. Should I choose a monthly plan, or a Webmaster package?

    You can’t go wrong with either choice. Plugin and extension updates are released continually and Joomla Core and different extension updates are released every month. Most customers find that when they have the hours available monthly, they use them for more than just backups and updates. We will be happy to discuss your specific site and needs and help you make the right choice.

  • I’d like to use my hours to have my site redesigned. Can that be done?

    No, all site design work must be done on a per-project basis, not hourly. Due to the time involved in consultation, research, reviews, and revisions, it is in the best interests of both our clients and us that project work be billed at a set fee rather than hourly.

  • What if I go over my monthly allotment of hours on a monthly plan?

    Additional hours will be billed monthly at the base rate for your plan. For example, if you purchased a Webmaster Hourly plan and exceed 6 hours, you will be billed at your discounted $55/hour rate for each additional hour. If you find that you are often exceeding your plan’s limit, you may wish to move into a higher plan at a lower hourly rate to save money.

  • What if my site goes down - how quickly will you respond to urgent requests?

    If your website goes down or you have another true website emergency, we will begin troubleshooting your issue immediately upon receiving your request.

  • What is the process for having work done?

    Just send an e-mail or submit an online request form detailing what you’d like to have done. The more complete your request, the faster it will be completed. All requests will be reviewed and responded to within 24 hours.

  • With a San Diego Webmaster Services Monthly plan, will unused hours carry over from month to month?

    No, unused hours do not carry over, however, you may use your hours for more than just site updates. If you find that you have not used all of your hours for a month, you can request offsite backups, Joomla upgrades, Extension updates, a site review and/or clean-up, content review, or consultation. There’s always work that can be done!

  • Would adding additional pages be covered, or is that design work?

    Absolutely, additional pages can be added as long as they are based on the same website template as the rest of your site, and do not include new major functionality (i.e. custom programming). New pages that include regular site content and images can be added.

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